Of all the components that comprise your vehicle’s engine, the transmission is arguably the most complex.

It controls the application of power from the engine to the driveshaft, and works by shifting gears similar to a multi-speed bicycle. Because of the heat and friction produced by their many moving components, it experiences more wear over time than most other parts of your vehicle. An automatic transmission depends on the transmission fluid to do all the work, as opposed to a manual gear shift. The transmission fluid transfers the hydraulic pressure to shift the gears, lubricates all of the moving parts and cools down the transmission. There are other important parts that work with the transmission to steer your vehicle, two of which are the transfer case and differential.

The transfer case controls the distribution of power from the transmission to the front and rear wheels. The differential then transfers the power to the two wheels on the same axle but with different ratios. This is because when a vehicle turns, the outside wheel takes a longer path than the inside wheel. Because they are subjected to intense heat and friction, as well as metal from worn gears over time, the lubricating fluid inside the transfer case, differential, and transmission can become dirty and ineffective. Without regular maintenance, dirty lubrication fluid can lead to very costly repairs or even transmission failure.

These are the most common signs of a transmission problem and should be addressed by a licensed service professional immediately to avoid further damage:

  • Lack of Response or Delayed Engagement.

  • Whining, Clunking and Humming.

  • Leaking/Low Fluid.

  • Grinding, Shaking or Slipping of Gears.

  • Burning Smell.

  • Vehicle Refuses to Go Into Gear.

  • Check Engine Light is On.

  • Transmission is Noisy in Neutral.

  • Dragging Clutch (manual).

Servicing these parts will replace the old fluid with new, manufacturer approved fluid. This will prolong the life of the transmission, reduce the effects of the wear and tear of moving parts, and protect your vehicle warranty.

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