Transmission Maintenance at Hogan Chevrolet

Transmission repairs can be costly, which is why taking proper care of your vehicle’s transmission system is an important part of vehicle care. Fortunately, there are many reliable ways drivers can extend the life of their transmission. Below, we’ve highlighted all the important information drivers need to know about transmission maintenance.

Check Your Transmission Fluid Routinely

Drivers should get into the habit of regularly checking their transmission fluid, similar to their coolant and oil. If the fluid level is low, there may be a leak. The fluid should look bright red and somewhat clear. Murky, dark-coloured fluid indicates an issue with the transmission system, and the vehicle should be taken in to be looked at by a technician.

Flush Your Transmission Fluid

Unlike some other types of automotive fluid flushing, transmission fluid flushes are best left to a professional. While it’s typically recommended that drivers take their vehicle in for a transmission fluid flush once a year, a different interval may be suggested within your vehicle’s owner’s manual. Transmission fluid degrades at different rates depending on vehicle operating temperature and driving frequency.

Signs of a Failing Transmission System

When the transmission system starts to experience issues, drivers may start to notice one or several warning signs. Common red flags that indicate a transmission system issue include:

  • Refusal to switch gears
  • Burning odor
  • Strange noises while in neutral
  • The clutch drags
  • An active check engine light
  • Leaking fluid
  • Grinding or shaking when changing gears

Tips for Maintaining Your Vehicle’s Transmission

There are several driving strategies and tips that can help drivers extend the life of their transmission system. Technicians suggest that drivers only change gears while their vehicle is at a stand-still, otherwise excess stress is put on the transmission.

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