Tire and Wheel Maintenance at Hogan Chevrolet

The last thing drivers want to worry about while driving is a problem with their tires or wheels. Fortunately, drivers in the Scarborough area can trust the team at Hogan Chevrolet for tire and wheel maintenance. Interested in reading more about our available services? Continue reading to learn more.

Common Tire Issues

Tires endure a lot of stress and wear while in motion. As the tires spin and continuously make contact with the surface below, they degrade over time. Frequent exposure to heat and sunlight can accelerate this process. Over time, this can result in reduced traction, worse performance, and lower fuel economy. Tire punctures are another common issue, and are often the result of road debris.

Identifying Tire Problems

Fortunately, the majority of tire issues tend to be easy to notice once they occur. Cracks or bulges in the tire often appear when it’s near the end of its life. Tire pressure frequently getting low is another sign that a tire needs to be replaced, and may indicate a puncture or leak. Drivers can expect the average tire to last about three to four years.

Common Wheel Issues

Good wheel alignment is a necessity when it comes to safely operating your vehicle of choice. Unfortunately, there are no shortage of ways for your vehicle’s wheels to become poorly aligned. Driving over potholes, hitting curbs, vehicle collisions, and faulty suspension parts can all result in misalignment. When a vehicle’s wheels aren’t properly aligned, they won’t be able to properly steer their vehicle, and the tires will wear unevenly.

Identifying Wheel Problems

The easiest way for drivers to identify a wheel alignment problem is to pay attention to their steering wheel. If the steering wheel is crooked even when driving straight, or it feels off while turning, the wheels are likely misaligned. In certain circumstances, the vehicle’s tires may squeal, or the vehicle itself may pull to the left or right while in motion.

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