Power Steering Service at Hogan Chevrolet

A problem with a vehicle’s power steering system can be a safety risk. When drivers see signs that this system is starting to fail, they should book a service appointment with a trusted service centre. Below, we’ve broken down everything drivers need to know about power steering, and getting a vehicle’s power steering system repaired at Hogan Chevrolet.

What Does Power Steering Do?

The power steering system reduces the amount of effort a driver needs to give when they turn the steering wheel. Many modern vehicles come with electric power steering, which uses sensors to detect the vehicle’s input and an electric motor to enhance the driver’s input. However, most older models come equipped with a hydraulic system, which uses pressurized fluid and a hydraulic pump to assist with steering. Without power steering, drivers would have to exert a substantial amount of effort to maneuver their vehicle, especially in low-speed scenarios.




Signs of a Failing Power Steering System

Aside from the steering wheel feeling stiff or unresponsive, there are several other red flags that can warn drivers of power steering failure. If the vehicle squeals when the car starts, or makes a groaning/whining noise when making turns, there’s likely a mechanical issue impacting the power steering system. Drivers should also check underneath their vehicle to see if they can spot any clear or red fluid, which may be a sign of a hydraulic system leak.




How Can Drivers Take Care Of Their Power Steering System?

Fortunately, vigilant drivers will find it easy to maintain their vehicle’s power steering system. Automotive specialists encourage drivers to check their power steering system’s fluid level at regular intervals (or before a long trip) to ensure the vehicle has enough fluid to maintain its pressure. Drivers should also check the fluid for contaminants, flushing and replacing the system if it appears dark and dirty. Finally, drivers should check the system’s hoses for signs of damage, to avoid any leaks that may occur.




Book a Service Appointment with Hogan Chevrolet

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