Oil Change Service at Hogan Chevrolet

One of the most common reasons drivers stop in for vehicle service is to get their engine oil changed. Wondering where to go for your next oil change in or near Scarborough, Ontario? Hogan Chevrolet can help. Continue reading to learn more about our oil change service, and how to schedule your next oil change with the Hogan Chev team.

Why Are Oil Changes Necessary?

Vehicles need to get their engine oil changed regularly to function properly. Engine oil serves as a lubricant, reducing friction between the engine’s moving components and reducing heat build-up within the powertrain. The oil also helps keep the engine clean, picking up debris, dust, and other contaminants and carrying them to the oil filter, where they become trapped.

How Old Engine Oil Can Harm Your Vehicle

Drivers who don’t change their engine oil on a regular basis are running the risk of damaging their vehicle’s engine. Engine oil degrades over time, losing its ability to effectively cool and lubricate the engine. This will result in worse performance, potential engine overheating, and even permanent engine damage.




How Often Should Drivers Change Their Oil?

Every make and model has a different recommended interval between oil changes. Most technicians recommend oil changes every 5,000 kilometres, which translates to roughly six months for the average driver. More accurate information regarding oil change intervals can be found inside a vehicle’s owner’s manual.




Why Drivers Can Trust Hogan Chevrolet for Oil Change Service

Hogan Chevrolet is the perfect place for drivers in the Scarborough, Ontario area to go for oil change service. Our team of factory-trained technicians have all the training they need to handle your vehicle with the care it deserves. We understand that going in for a service appointment isn’t always easy to fit into a busy schedule, which is why our team works hard to get drivers back behind the wheel of their car as soon as possible.




Book an Oil Change Appointment with Hogan Chevrolet

Interested in booking an oil change appointment with the Hogan Chevrolet service team? Diverse can schedule a service appointment using the secure online form below. Once you’ve submitted your request, one of our team members will reach out to you and confirm the details of your appointment. Have any questions for our team? Get in touch with us by sending an online message, or by calling our service department at (844) 939-0240.