Coolant Flushing at Hogan Chevrolet

Engine coolant doesn’t last forever. In order to keep a vehicle’s engine in good working condition, a vehicle’s engine coolant will need to be flushed and replaced by an automotive professional at regular intervals. Wondering where to go for automotive coolant flushing in or near Scarborough, Ontario? Continue reading to learn more about getting your coolant flushed at Hogan Chevrolet.

What Does Engine Coolant Do?

Engine coolant is a special fluid designed to cool the engine while in operation. The coolant absorbs excess heat generated by the engine, ensuring it stays at a manageable temperature. It also prevents the powertrain’s metal components from rusting, ensuring the engine doesn’t corrode over time.




Why Does Coolant Need to Be Flushed?

Over time, engine coolant loses its ability to properly cool the vehicle’s engine, degrading its anti-corrosive properties. Coolant also becomes contaminated over time with rust deposits and external contaminants that find their way inside the engine compartment. By flushing the old coolant and replacing it with fresh coolant, drivers are protecting their engine by clearing out the debris and making sure their engine stays at an appropriate temperature.




How Often Does My Coolant Need to Be Flushed?

Every vehicle make and model has a different recommended coolant flush interval. Drivers looking for a detailed timeline of recommended maintenance services (including coolant flushes) should consult their vehicle’s owner’s manual for accurate information. However, most vehicles have a recommended coolant flush interval of one year.




Why Get My Coolant Flushed & Replaced at Hogan Chevrolet?

Hogan Chevrolet is the perfect place for drivers to go for coolant flushing and replacement service. Our GM-certified team of automotive service professionals is trained to handle a wide variety of automotive maintenance services, including coolant flushes. Drivers can always trust our team to handle their vehicle with care and to get it back into their hands in a timely manner.




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