Air Conditioning Service and Repair at Hogan Chevrolet

When a vehicle’s air conditioning and climate control features start to break, even short drives can quickly become uncomfortable. Fortunately, a well-equipped service centre, such as the one here at Hogan Chevrolet, will be able to repair the air conditioning system in the event it fails. Continue reading to learn more about air conditioning system repair at Hogan Chevrolet.

Why Air Conditioning Systems Fail

Modern vehicles feature complex air conditioning systems, which are made up of many different components. In many cases, a broken air conditioning system is the result of a refrigerant issue. A clogged or broken expansion tube, charging hose, compressor, evaporator, or condenser will prevent the vehicle’s air conditioning system from being able to output cold air. If the A/C system refuses to activate at all, the problem is likely due to an electrical issue.




Why Does My Air Conditioning System Smell Strange?

Strange odours are another common problem vehicle owners run into with in-cabin air conditioning. In many situations, drivers with this issue will report the smell of mildew filling their cabin. This is especially common for older vehicles, and is likely the result of mold, fungi, and other organic material building up inside the vehicle’s A/C system. In most situations, replacing the vehicle’s cabin air filter will alleviate the problem.




Why Is My Air Conditioning System So Noisy?

An unexpected noise coming from a vehicle is often a sign that something is going wrong, and the same is true of the climate control system. If a vehicle’s air conditioning system makes a strange noise when activated or while in operation, there is likely a problem that will need to be looked at by a service technician. External contaminants such as leaves or road debris can get inside the cabin’s A/C system, and will often produce these unfamiliar noises when they become stuck. In more severe cases, the A/C system may be experiencing a mechanical breakdown of some kind.




How Can I Maintain My Car’s Air Conditioning System?

There are a few different ways drivers can maintain their vehicle’s air conditioning system. Air conditioning in vehicles tends to degrade when the system isn’t in use, which is why vehicle experts typically recommend drivers activate the A/C system for ten minutes, once a week. This helps ensure the vehicle’s compressor stays in working order. Similarly, running the vehicle’s defrost mode on a regular basis can prevent mildew from building up inside the A/C system.




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