Service Department

Looking for trustworthy automotive service, maintenance, or repair in the Scarborough area? Hogan Chevrolet is the perfect place to take your vehicle in for oil changes, battery replacement, brake service, tire rotation, and more. Continue reading to learn more about the services available at our dealership.

Why Drivers Choose Hogan Chevrolet for Service & Repair

The Hogan Chevrolet Service Department is staffed by a talented team of GM-certified technicians and service consultants, trained to diagnose and fix a wide range of automotive problems. When customers stop in for vehicle maintenance and repair, our team works hard to ensure that they receive the best service possible, no matter the situation.

Available Services

Power Steering

Power steering helps the driver guide and control the vehicle, via hydraulic or electric power. If your vehicle is experiencing issues with its handling, stop in today for power steering service.

Tire & Wheel Maintenance

Need your tires changed, or your wheel alignment checked? Schedule an appointment for tire or wheel maintenance with our team. We can assist drivers with tire rotation, swapping, and more.

Air Conditioning

Functional air conditioning is vital for staying comfortable during summer drives. If you’re experiencing A/C system issues, don’t hesitate to book an appointment with our team.


A failing car battery can result in a variety of electrical issues. Our team of GM vehicle experts can diagnose the problem and determine if your battery needs to be replaced.

Engine Maintenance

A clean engine is key to a healthy and long-lasting vehicle. Our team will thoroughly inspect your engine to make sure it’s working properly, and replace the engine air filter, if needed.

Oil Change

Routine oil changes are an important aspect of proper vehicle maintenance. Ready for your next oil change? Come to Hogan Chevrolet for quick and convenient oil change service.


Without proper maintenance, transmission systems can start to fail. Hogan Chevrolet can take a look at this complex powertrain component and make sure it’s operating as intended.

Brake Service

Poor brake performance is an automotive issue that should be addressed right away. If your brakes aren’t working properly, you can trust the Hogan Chevrolet team to get them repaired.


Drivers who don’t take their vehicle in for coolant flushing run the risk of overheating their engine. Protect your engine by getting your car’s cooling system serviced at Hogan Chevrolet.

Fuel Injection

External contaminants and debris can build up in a vehicle’s fuel system, resulting in mechanical degradation. Our team of experts is equipped to thoroughly clean your fuel injection system.

Book an Appointment with Hogan Chevrolet

No matter your issue or concern, the Hogan Chevrolet team is prepared to work on your vehicle. Interested in booking an appointment with our certified GM service team? We’ve made the process simple and efficient. Simply fill out the secure online form below, and one of our team members will be in touch with you to confirm the details of the appointment.