Hogan Chevrolet Collision Centre FAQ

Vehicle owners who have recently been involved in a collision can trust the team here at Hogan Chevrolet to repair their vehicle. Because collisions happen so infrequently, it’s only natural that drivers recently involved in one may have questions. Below, we’ve compiled a list of frequently-asked questions to educate drivers about our collision centre.

I’ve Been In an Accident, What Do I Need to Do to Get Started?

We recommend that drivers who have been involved in a collision document the damage. If possible, take pictures of the incident scene, vehicle damage, VINs, insurance information, and driver’s licenses. Depending on the severity of the collision, drivers may want to consider calling the police, as an official police report can prove to be a useful source of documentation as well. Finally, we suggest that drivers contact their insurance agency to begin filing a claim. If needed, our team here at Hogan Chevrolet can work with your insurance company to ensure your vehicle receives the quality repair it deserves.




Do I Have to Take My Vehicle to the Shop My Insurance Company, Tow Truck Driver, or Inspection Centre Tells Me To?

When drivers are involved in a collision, they do not have to take their vehicle into the shop recommended by their insurance company, tow truck driver, or inspection centre. Vehicle owners have the legal right to choose their repair facility. While most major insurance companies already recommend Hogan Chevrolet, drivers who have been told to visit a different collision centre are always free to choose our team, instead.




Why Should I Choose Hogan Chevrolet’s Collision Centre?

Hogan Chevrolet’s collision centre features a state-of-the-art facility, staffed by a knowledgeable team of automotive experts. Our team is equipped to handle all sorts of vehicle repair and restoration needs, from minor dents and scratches to major collision damage. Our team will work with any make and model. All collision repairs include complimentary vehicle detailing service, as a way to show our appreciation for your business.




How Long Will Repairs Take?

Naturally, the time required to complete repairs on a vehicle will vary depending on the location, severity, and size of the damage. Our team cares about doing a high-quality and well-done job, but also cares about respecting our customers’ time. We will always provide you with an estimate for how long it will take for our team to finish repairs, and provide updates when required.




Does Hogan Chevrolet Provide Courtesy Transportation?

Hogan Chevrolet offers complimentary shuttle transportation for local customers. We’re also happy to facilitate a vehicle rental through a local company right here in Scarborough. If renting, we encourage drivers to check in with their insurance company to better understand their coverage while driving a rented vehicle.




Does Hogan Chevrolet Use OEM Parts for Repairs?

Depending on your insurance policy, our collision centre will always try to put new OEM parts in your vehicle, matching aftermarket prices when possible. When installing parts, we’ll tell you which parts needed to be replaced, and whether or not they were OEM or aftermarket.




Do I Need Estimates From Multiple Collision Centres?

Drivers only need to receive one estimate for their vehicle damage. Drivers retain the legal right to take their vehicle into a repair facility of their choice, and have no obligation to visit multiple collision centres.




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