Many symptoms could identify poor performance of your brake system.

Your Brake Service will include:

  • When you brake, a lever causes mechanical clamps, called calipers, to squeeze a brake disc (rotor) and slow the outer wheel and tire.

  • To absorb the friction, brake pads are installed to take a majority of the wear and act as a buffer between the calipers and brake disc.

  • As a result of constant everyday braking, it is important to regularly maintain brakes and brake pads before your vehicle shows symptoms of heavy wear.

  • An inspection of the hydraulic system, brake linings and drums.

  • Adjustment of the parking brake cable to ensure proper tension.

  • Lubricating of caliper pins and backing plates.

  • Cleaning common debris and corrosion buildup.

  • Driving test to verify brakes are working smoothly and symptom-free.

Brake Service FROM $169.90