Why Your Car’s Heat Isn’t Working

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When the winter cold is in full swing, one of the worst problems a driver can experience is a problem with their car, truck, or SUV’s heating system. Wondering why your vehicle’s heat has suddenly stopped working? Below, we’ve put together a guide to help drivers troubleshoot this issue. 

Low Coolant 

One of the most common reasons for a weakened or non-functional heating system is a lack of coolant. When there isn’t enough coolant in your vehicle’s engine system, the heater core will blow cold air out into your vehicle. Once the coolant has been replaced, the heating system should go back to working as intended. Low coolant may be the result of a leak, or from water evaporating out of the system. 

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Broken Thermostat 

When there’s a problem with the vehicle’s thermostat, it may result in the vehicle’s heating system to stop working. Typically, this problem occurs when the thermostat becomes stuck open or closed. Unfortunately, if left unaddressed, this issue can have a negative impact on the vehicle’s engine health as well. If you suspect your vehicle’s thermostat is starting to break, it’s a great reason to take it in to be looked at by a professional, like one of the factory-trained technicians here at Hogan Chevrolet. 

Faulty Heater Fan, Heater Core, or Motor Resistor 

While not as common an issue, a mechanical issue with the heater fan or motor resistor may also result in a broken heater system. If no air comes out of the vehicle’s ventilation system at all, it may be due to one of these mechanisms being stuck or broken. Similarly, the vehicle’s heater core may be clogged and need to be cleared out or replaced. 

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