What Happens If You Change Your Engine Oil Late?

Engine oil being poured into a vehicle

Every driver knows that routine engine oil service is an important part of vehicle maintenance. Wondering what can happen if you’re late changing out your car, truck, or SUV’s engine oil? Below, we’ve put together all the information vehicle owners need to know about the importance of timely engine oil changes. 

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What Happens When Engine Oil Gets Old

As engine oil ages, it becomes thicker, sludgey, and incapable of properly lubricating the mechanical components located inside your vehicle’s powertrain system. It also becomes contaminated with debris, which can scratch at and degrade the engine over time. As a result, old oil can result in worse performance, reduced fuel economy, and even permanent engine damage if left unchanged over a long period of time. 

A technician checking engine oil in a vehicle

How Often Should Drivers Change Their Oil? 

Every make and model has its own recommended engine oil changing interval. For specific information for your vehicle, consult your vehicle’s owner’s manual. As a general rule of thumb, most modern vehicles require an oil change every 12,000 to 16,000 kilometres, or every six months of driving for the average vehicle owner. 

The Importance of Regular Service 

Regular oil changes aren’t the only important service that drivers should stop in for. Tire rotation, filter swaps, battery checks, and brake checks are all important aspects of routine vehicle maintenance that drivers should stay on top of. For additional information, drivers should consult the maintenance schedule outlined in their vehicle’s owner’s manual. 

Get Your Oil Changed at Hogan Chevrolet 

Hogan Chevrolet, located at 5000 Sheppard Ave E. in Scarborough, Ontario, is the perfect place for you to stop in for an engine oil change. Drivers can book a service appointment right here on the Hogan Chevrolet website. Have any questions for our team? Don’t hesitate to give us a call at (844) 939 – 0240.