Troubleshooting Your Car’s Infotainment System Problems

Infotainment system inside a 2023 Chevrolet Bolt

While modern interior technology features like infotainment systems have significantly improved the driving experience offered by modern vehicles, they’re susceptible to issues like any other vehicle component. Wondering why your car’s infotainment system isn’t working? To help vehicle owners troubleshoot their vehicle’s infotainment system issues, we’ve put together a list of common problems and potential solutions. 

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Close up on a vehicle's speedometer

Infotainment System Won’t Turn On 

If your vehicle’s infotainment system won’t turn on, it’s likely that there’s some sort of issue with the system’s electronic components or wiring. A blown fuse, a broken wire, or a dying battery can all result in the infotainment system not turning on. Drivers should take their vehicle in to a trusted service centre (such as the team here at Hogan Chevrolet) 

Touchscreen is Slow or Unresponsive 

A slow or unresponsive touchscreen is another common issue that infotainment systems run into. Like with many devices, this may be alleviated by rebooting the infotainment system. If the issue persists, schedule an appointment to take your vehicle into a service centre. A factory-trained technician may be able to diagnose the issue. Alternatively, this issue may be related to temperature. In cold conditions, some touchscreens may have difficulty detecting user input, and may become more responsive once warmed up. 

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