How to Maximize Your Vehicle’s Fuel Economy

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When it comes to customizing or repairing your vehicle, you’ll have to decide whether you want to use official OEM parts or aftermarket alternatives. While aftermarket parts can be a convenient option for many drivers, they have their disadvantages as well. Below, we’ve broken down all the pros and cons of using aftermarket parts, and why drivers should consider using OEM parts when available. 

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Accelerate and Decelerate Smoother 

Rapid acceleration and quick braking wastes an unnecessary amount of fuel. Naturally, these situations can’t always be avoided – such as accelerating to highway speeds when merging or braking in an emergency, but when possible, drivers should try to gradually start and stop their vehicle. Taking a more cautious and gradual approach to starting and stopping is not only safer, but more efficient as well. 

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Proper Tire Inflation 

Driving with underinflated tires? You may be wasting unnecessary fuel. Check your tire pressure regularly to see if they’re at proper levels. If your tires are underinflated, they will create more rolling resistance, which requires more fuel to work through. 

Regular Oil Changes

Clean oil reduces the friction created when your engine works. The less friction, the more efficiency with which your engine will operate. When you go in for regular oil changes, you’re not only keeping your engine protected from wear and tear – you’re also improving its overall efficiency. 

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