How to Keep Your Vehicle Warm in Winter

A snowy rural road

During the winter season, drivers often struggle with keeping their vehicle warm when not in use. Wondering what the best methods for keeping your vehicle warm in winter are? Below, we’ve broken down everything drivers need to know about keeping their vehicle warm and cozy during the harsh winter months. 

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Park Inside a Garage or Parking Structure 

Keeping your vehicle parked inside a garage or some other type of enclosed space is a great way to keep it warm while not in use. When your vehicle is exposed to the harsh and cold winds, it can dramatically lower the temperature of your cabin. Keeping your vehicle safe from the outside elements can make it easier to get warm and comfortable when it’s time to get back behind the wheel. 

A forest in winter

Use a Car Cover 

Similarly, using a full-size car cover can also protect your vehicle from the harsh winds and cold temperatures. While this method won’t keep your vehicle as warm as parking in a garage, drivers will certainly notice a difference compared to parking their vehicle out in the cold all on its own. 

Insulate the Windows 

Your car loses the majority of its heat through its windows. Blocking them off with some sort of insulation or cover can help you keep heat trapped in the cabin. Drivers can use solar windshields, newspaper, cardboard, plastic bags, and many other common household items to effectively insulate their vehicle’s windows. 

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