How to Extend Your Vehicle Headlights’ Lifespan 

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Headlights help us see in low-visibility conditions, making them one of the most important parts found on any vehicle. Because headlights are so important, many drivers want to know: What can be done to extend the lifespan of a vehicle’s headlights? Continue reading to learn the best tips and tricks for extending the life of your vehicle’s headlights

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Ensure They’re Properly Installed 

Improper installation of a vehicle’s headlights can cause them unnecessary damage. If a vehicle’s headlights start to flicker even while not in use, for example, the bulbs are being exhausted unnecessarily. To ensure proper installation, make sure that the bulbs are screwed on all the way and none of the wiring behind the headlights are kinked. While in motion, the headlight bulbs should not shake or sway. If they do so, they are likely too loose and must be tightened. 

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Avoid Unnecessary Usage 

Naturally, headlight bulbs will burn out after extended use. When the additional visibility afforded by headlights aren’t necessary, make sure they’re turned off. Only activate your vehicle’s headlights when the weather dims the sun or night is approaching. 

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