How to Avoid Windshield Damage 

Windshield damage can happen to anyone, but drivers . Wondering how you can avoid and prevent windshield damage from happening to your vehicle? Below, the team here at Hogan Chevrolet have collected some tips and best practices to keep vehicle owners from dealing with a damaged windshield. 

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Watch Where You Park 

While many drivers associate windshield damage with road debris, external hazards can just as easily hit your windshield while you’re parked, too. This is why automotive experts suggest drivers avoid parking underneath trees or other tall structures where objects may fall on to the vehicle. When possible, park in an enclosed space, such as a garage. 

Close up on a cracked windshield

Maintain a Respectable Driving Distance 

The main way drivers can avoid windshield cracks and chips is by maintaining a respectable driving distance between their own vehicle and the vehicle ahead, especially on rural or unpaved roads. Road debris kicked up by other vehicles is a common cause for windshield damage, but can be easily avoided by setting some distance between your vehicle and the one ahead. 

Stop in for Service at Hogan Chevrolet 

Located in the Scarborough, Ontario area and need help with your vehicle’s cracked or chipped windshield? Hogan Chevrolet can help you. Click here to schedule a service appointment with our team. We work closely with vehicle owners to ensure we identify any issues that may be plaguing their vehicle, and can provide practical solutions to any problems we can spot here at our service centre.