Are Winter Tires Worth It? 

Close-up of a winter tire

At Hogan Chevrolet, we often hear the same question from drivers once winter rolls around: Is it worth swapping out a vehicle’s all-season tires for a set of winter tires? To answer this question, we’ve highlighted the ways in which winter tires differ from other types of tires, and the advantages they provide. Continue reading to find out if winter tires are right for you.  

What are Winter Tires?  

Winter tires, as their name suggests, are tires designed to withstand the cold temperatures that come with winter. Unlike all-season tires, winter tires are built with specialized rubber compounds that stay soft and flexible at freezing temperatures, allowing the vehicle to maintain its grip and traction when it gets cold outside. Winter tires also feature unique tread patterns with deeper grooving, which helps the vehicle drive over icy and snowy roads. 

Is It Okay to Use All-Season Tires in Winter? 

While all-season tires were designed to be used year-round, they won’t provide an optimal driving experience during winter. A combination of freezing temperatures, snow, and ice can result in less control and traction during travel, resulting in greater risk during travel. Although all-season tires should perform well enough to get the average driver through the season, cautious drivers who regularly need to use their vehicle in the winter would be best served by getting a nice set of winter tires. 

A winter tire over a snowy background

Is It Okay to Use Winter Tires Throughout the Year? 

Drivers interested in purchasing a set of winter tires may be tempted to equip them to their vehicle and leave them on through the summer months as well. However, winter tires were not designed to regularly travel on dry roads, causing them to wear down faster and provide worse fuel economy than a regular set of all-season tires would. Vehicle experts suggest swapping to a set of winter tires right before snow starts to fall in your area, then swapping back to a set of all-season tires in spring. 

Winterize Your Vehicle at Hogan Chevrolet 

Need to get your vehicle ready for winter? Hogan Chevrolet in Scarborough, Ontario can help drivers winterize their vehicle, which includes equipping it with a quality set of winter tires. Drivers can book a service appointment right here on the Hogan Chevrolet website.