Advantages of Using OEM Parts and Accessories

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Whether drivers are looking for automotive replacement parts or accessories, it’s always best to go with parts manufactured by the vehicle’s original equipment manufacturer. Wondering what the advantages are of using official OEM parts and accessories, rather than third-party parts? Below, we’ve highlighted everything drivers need to know about the benefits of using OEM parts. 

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OEM Parts are Higher Quality 

It’s rare for drivers to find a third-party part or accessory that’s of a higher build quality than the original parts made by the original vehicle manufacturer. Every OEM part and accessory is thoroughly tested and put through quality assurance before it’s made available for purchase. No other parts or add-ons are guaranteed to fully match your vehicle’s specifications and build. 

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OEM Parts Receive Greater Support 

Typically, drivers who choose to use OEM parts and accessories will receive better support in the event something goes wrong. This is especially true in the case of warranty coverage. Drivers who decide to use third-party parts and accessories may not be able to file a warranty claim, while drivers who stick to using official OEM parts won’t have to worry about their warranty coverage. 

OEM Parts Last Longer 

Third-party parts and accessories don’t tend to last as long as their official OEM counterparts. While at first glance they may look identical, OEM parts are often built using higher-quality materials and construction methods. Unofficial parts and add-ons tend to wear down faster with time, and aren’t necessarily built to resist corrosion. 

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