How It Works?

Step 1:

Book Your Uber Safety Inspection at Hogan

To book your Uber Safety Inspection at Hogan, use our convenient online booking system or contact our service department directly by calling 1-877-876-8669

Step 2:

Complete Your Uber Safety Inspection at Hogan

Bring your vehicle to our service department for your scheduled appointment. Be prepared to wait a minimum of one hour for the licensed mechanic to complete the inspection. A Safety Standards Certificate will be issued immediately to you if your vehicle passes inspection. If your vehicle fails the inspection, our qualified customer service team will discuss any repairs or maintenance that’s needed to get a pass.

Step 3:

Upload Your Uber Safety Standards Certificate

Within 36 days of passing the Safety Inspection, upload a clear image of the Safety Standards Certificate to your Uber account profile. After 36 days, the Safety Standards Certificate is no longer valid and another inspection will be required.

What is the Uber Safety Standards Inspection?

Buick SUV

The Uber Safety Standards Inspection is used to determine if your vehicle meets the minimum safety standards required to be on the road. Using government-regulated inspection criteria, a licensed mechanic will complete a full inspection of your vehicle that will involve checking its powertrain, suspension, brakes, steering, lights, body and more. The inspection normally takes only one hour by one of Hogan’s licensed mechanics. Upon passing the inspection and receiving a Safety Standards Certificate, you will be ready to get back on the road driving for Uber again!

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